Zofnass Information Tool
on the Urban Water System of Chelsea MA

Learning about the urban water systems and the intervention opportunities that address climatic risks and contribute to the sustainability of our cities. Based on research at the Harvard Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure.

this is a beta website, in the process of being tested before its release


The Zofnass Information Tool is about enabling communities with information in order to achieve sustainable urban solutions. Developing non-expert awareness on urban water systems and the intervention opportunities can facilitate the creation of collaborative platforms for different stakeholders involved in cities to work in unison.

Based on research findings from a data-driven approach on urban water management and green infrastructure, the tool seeks to inform about the urban water infrastructure system of the City of Chelsea, MA - our first case-study city - and the intervention opportunities for green infrastructure.

The Zofnass Program provides frameworks for a holistic approach to sustainable infrastructure and cities. With this tool, the planning strategies are synthesized with data and computation.
Visitors can learn about the water system, its performance, and the geospatial synergies, while they can explore the range of green infrastructure opportunities by their spatial and quantitative impact.

Learn the System

Learn about the current situation of Chelsea's water system. Understand the components and the flows of the overall system, access the historical performance data of the system flows and CSO activation record, as well explore the geospatial synergies related to climatic risk and the urban environment.

Improve the System

Explore the range of intervention opportunities for sustainable solutions (green roofs, street planters, porous pavement, and water harvesting). Discover their effect on reducing the system flow volumes and the city's impervious cover.